“One of our greatest vacation moments was witnessing these massive creatures dancing and playing in the Alaskan Waters. For a West Texas gal, this was perhaps one of the most amazing things I had ever witnessed. The word majestic doesn’t even come close to describing these beautiful mammals.”


  • Weight: 50,000-80,000 pounds
  • Length: These warm-blooded mammals breathe through the lungs.
  • They are singers and can sing for up to 20 minutes, the song can be repeated for hours and can be heard for miles.
  • Their tails have very unique patterns like human fingerprints. The tails can grow as large as 18 feet wide with serrated edges into a sharp point.
  • The Alaskan humpbacks have the longest migration of all in the animal kingdom.
  • Humpbacks can go for months without eating, living on their stored fat reserves.
  • They breast-feed their babies, have a little hair and they are social

NOAA Fisheries


Open Edition: 8” Length; 5 1/2” Width; 2 1/4” Height


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