This free spirited animal’s beauty is captured in the very moment as he Unleashed all of his explosive emotions while proclaiming his dominance. 


  • Have excellent vision with a near 360º field of vision, but they cannot see directly in front orbehind .
  • They cannot breathe through their mouths.
  • They have an incredible ability to hear because of the numerous muscles they have that controls their ears giving them the ability to move each ear separately turning them about 180º.
  • They can sleep either standing up or lying down.
  • In herds, especially in the wild, all of the horses will never lie down at the same time, somebody is always keeping watch.
  • In my estimation the horse is one of God’s finest creation.

Double D Trailers


Open Edition. Framed: 12.75” Length; 11.75” Width 


$475+ tax s/h


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