Having a taxidermist in the family gave me a unique opportunity to study lots of animals up close, this bobcat was one of those. This bobcat was posed in the Stalking position, the moment he was approaching his prey. Working some in taxidermy gave me a chance to learn about the inside, the bones and muscle structure, of different animals and birds. As a sculptor friend told me one time, if you can’t see the inside of something, you can’t sculpt the outside of it. Grateful for the opportunity to see the inside.


  • Lifespan in the wild: 10-15 years
  • Size: 24-48”, Tail:4-7 inches
  • Height: 18-24 inches
  • Weight: 15-30 pounds, males can be even larger
  • Can leap up to 12 feet and can run 25-30 mph
  • They are very good swimmers
  • Like a house-cat, the bobcat will use his whiskers very much like fingertips.
  • They sleep in a den.
  • They travel alone and are very territorial, their territories can cover up to 30 square miles for a male and 5 square miles for a female.
  • They have excellent sight, hearing and smell.

The Nature Conservancy
National Geographic Kids


Edition of 25:  6” Length. 4” Height. 4.25” Width 


$200+ tax s/h


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